Government entities related

Government entities related to Import and Export:


Directorate General of Customs is not the only responsible entity for releasing the imported or exported goods, there are several governmental bodies involved, as there are requested permits from these entities, either because of registration in the commercial register, or to meet the specifications and conditions required in certain commodities  and goods, or when an exempting decree from customs duties and taxes is needed, or any other matters that is assigned to a governmental body, and through BAYAN System and use of the single window application, the importer can obtain any of these permits electronically, these entities are:

  1. Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  2. Ministry of Finance.
  3. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  4. Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.
  5. Public Authority For Mining
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  7. Ministry of Health.
  8. Ministry of Social Developme
  9. Ministry of Defense (National Survey Authority)
  10. Ministry of Heritage and Culture.
  11. Ministry of Oil and Gas.
  12. Public Authority for Craft Industries.
  13. Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  14. Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources
  15. Municipality of Muscat and Municipality of Dhofar .